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Bristol Metal Quarter. What is it? You've seen the badges and patches and shirts, and probably seen us lord it up on social media. So what is it and where is it?

The concept came up on opening day between ourselves and Mr Ashby - everyone's favourite bearded, short wearing ale pusher at The Gryphon.

For those that know Bristol, (we envisage) the Quarter is roughly the top of Park Row taking in Colston Street and down to the Hatchet and the O2 Academy.

Initially ourselves and The Gryphon a few metal adjacent businesses and friends have supported the venture and fit in with what we are all about. Namely, How Odd curiosity shop on Park Row - for lovers of the weird, wonderful and macabre.

Pierced Up tattoo also up on Park Row.

Then there’s Rebel Lands club night, which has its home at The Gryphon every now and then. On top of this there’s a load of bands who are close to us all who identify with the concept. Let’s start seeing that logo appear on records and CDs. Shout Bristol to the


What’s it all about?
Not a lot. It’s just a spirit of Bristol metal and a sense of community that we have tried to build to help promote Heavy Metal from Bristol. Be that bands, individuals, businesses. Bristol Metal Quarter is an idea. Nobody owns it. In fact we all own it and should be proud of it.

What next?
Who knows. Wouldn’t it be great to see a Heavy Metal cafe open? 

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